Fast-Draw Potion skill

Fast-Draw Potion   (Physical Easy)

No default

Normally, consuming a potion requires a long action, consisting of X seconds to grab, 1 second to open, and 2 seconds to drink. This skill is used when you wish to open a potion simultaneously with grabbing it.

A successful roll means that the open portion of the action is completed in effectively zero time (i.e. concurrently with the grab). A failed roll means that the open took 2 seconds (i.e. 1 second longer than normal). A critically failed roll means you dropped the potion. If you drop the potion, roll again at skill if you can catch the potion before it hits the ground, or at skill - 6 if it hits the ground. Success indicates that the contents did not drain away and in the latter case that the cap closed on impact. Note that under normal conditions, a potion will fall 16 feet in the first second and continue accelerating thereafter.

The grab portion of the action can take considerable time unless special preparations have been used to speed it up. For example, pulling a potion out of a pocket requires 1d seconds and from a pouch or other container 2d seconds. A Hideaway needs at least 1d seconds and possibly much more depending on its size. It is possible, by placing a potion in a special "potion scabbard", positioned on your body for quick access, to reduce the grab time to 1 second with this skill.

Combat Reflexes advantage gives a +1 on Fast-Draw Potion skill.