Speed-Reading skill

Speed-Reading   (Mental Average)

No default

This is the ability to read much faster than normal. Whenever time is of the essence (for instance, when reading the instructions on a parachute as you fall), multiply your reading speed by a factor of 1 + (skill / 10); e.g., Speed-Reading-12 would give a factor of 2.2. Make a skill roll to determine whether you retain what you have read.

On a failure, your recall is shaky. Every time you try to remember or use what you read, you must make an IQ roll at a penalty equal to your margin of failure. Roll at +5 if you have Level 1 Eidetic Memory, or +10 for Level 2 Eidetic Memory. If this roll fails, you cannot recall the information; on a critical failure, you recall badly flawed information, but believe it to be true! To eliminate this IQ roll, you must go back and reread the material slowly.

Modifiers: Language modifiers.