GURPS Magic Colleges

  1. Animal Spells   (M23, G8)
  2. Body Control Spells   (M25, G13)
  3. Communication and Empathy Spells   (M28, G20)
  4. Earth Spells   (M31, G22)
  5. Air Spells   (M34, G24)
    1. Weather Spells   (G26)
    2. Electricity Spells   (G27)
  6. Fire Spells   (M36, G29)
  7. Water Spells   (M39, G32)
    1. Weather Spells   (G34)
    2. Ice Spells   (G35)
    3. Acid Spells   (G36)
  8. Enchantment Spells   (M42, G38)
  9. Food Spells   (M48, G43)
  10. Gate Spells   (G44)
  11. Healing Spells   (M49, G51)
  12. Illusion and Creation Spells   (M51, G56)
  13. Knowledge Spells   (M53, G58)
  14. Light and Darkness Spells   (M57, G63)
  15. Making and Breaking Spells   (M59, G66)
  16. Meta-Spells   (M61, G69)
  17. Mind Control Spells   (M65, G75)
  18. Movement Spells   (M69, G78)
  19. Necromantic Spells   (M72, G82)
  20. Plant Spells   (M75, G88)
  21. Protection and Warning Spells   (M76, G91)
  22. Sound Spells   (M78, G93)
  23. Technological Spells   (G94)
    1. Machine Spells   (G95)
    2. Energy Spells   (G99)
    3. Radiation Spells   (G102)
    4. Metal and Plastic Spells   (G105)